Pat Perry

Untitled Drawing Upon Viewing 48217

no title, 2015,13x23"

6 response to "Untitled Drawing Upon Viewing 48217":

  • Your work is inpirational! I look forward to everytimes you share!

    kyle coleman / March 25 2015, 5:35pm

  • A good way to describe that pollution

    Hudson / March 25 2015, 7:12pm

  • I am a aspiring artist and I have to say your work has me mesmerized. Every time I look at one of your drawings I am so awed. I would like to ask you so many questions related to your art, if it were possible. Any email people can write to?

    P.S. I speak little english, sorry in advanced for any mistakes made.

    Patricia / April 08 2015, 8:02pm

  • I’m not able to take my eyes off ... (not only) this is awsome!

    Nadine / April 12 2015, 6:15pm

  • I love your art! I’ve always wondered where you get your inspiration. Your art is truly different and unique!

    Summer Tarrant / April 22 2015, 3:58am

  • Dear Pat,

    This piece gets at me in so many ways: my recently fading memory and that half of me born in the dark. Wondering if this piece is for sale. Would love to have it—it’s like a mirror.

    All best,

    Wancy / May 07 2015, 1:12pm

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