Pat Perry

May Sketchbook

I was off in Denver about a week ago speaking to a class of students and working with them on some art projects. Started a new sketchbook, the 7th moleskine. Also had a chance to get up a bit and run around. 

Michigan is where I'll be for one more week and then blasting off to OFFF in Barcelona. From there, plans are to stay in Europe for a while. Painting a few walls hopefully, and running around. I spent the Spring making drawings and paintings about black holes. They are almost all done. I hope to make a little zine out of them. Still working on book progress too. Thanks for all all the continued support, there is so much coming up to share. More soon.

4 response to "May Sketchbook":

  • Your artwork is nothing short of magnificent. In every way. I stumbled upon your blog looking for further information about an anti-extractable energy policies and there you were. Your art and the themes are quite extraordinary.

    Gordon C. Stewart / June 03 2013, 6:09pm

  • Just came across your works and had to say I am very impressed by your creative vision.

    Mark S / June 06 2013, 2:43pm

  • Hey Pat great work as always! I love checking your blog every now and then to see what new stuff you have been working on. I was curious as to what medium you used to do the 2nd moleskin drawing pictured above with the red and white.

    Ryan / June 16 2013, 6:39pm

  • Your art pieces are always so lovely…thank you for sharing.
    These photos are quite beautiful as well. Looks like a great trip :D

    Nicole Underwood / June 18 2013, 8:20am

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