• Safe Passage

    screen-print drawing for No Más Muertes // No More Deaths, a humanitarian organization dedicated to stepping up efforts to stop the deaths of migrants in the desert along the Mexico-US border by providing direct aid, and encouraging humane immigration policy. 
    The quetzal is symbolic of Guatemala, a country in which many people are forced to flee and seek asylum from violence and conflict. The Gambel's Quail is a bird common to Arizona, and the Sonoran desert. 
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  • Lost Dog Drawing

    drawing for Lost Dog Street Band, ink on paper, 2018

  • Unpublished illustrations drawn while travelling

    This blog is a bit defunct nowadays with social media being a more popular way to share photos and art, but this seems like the best platform to share a series of illustrations that were drawn while riding the High Line and hitchhiking one summer when I was 21. The plan was to make an illustrated book of the whole story of that Summer, but I lost interest in the project. Regardless here's some of the illustrations that never saw the light of day. 

  • This Concerns Everyone

  • October BC, pencil on paper

    October BC, pencil on paper, 2016