• Unpublished illustrations drawn while travelling

    This blog is a bit defunct nowadays with social media being a more popular way to share photos and art, but this seems like the best platform to share a series of illustrations that were drawn while riding the High Line and hitchhiking one summer when I was 21. The plan was to make an illustrated book of the whole story of that Summer, but I lost interest in the project. Regardless here's some of the illustrations that never saw the light of day. 

  • This Concerns Everyone

  • October BC, pencil on paper

    October BC, pencil on paper, 2016

  • Refugees Welcome, Cleveland

    Finished wall, Cleveland Ohio, 2016

    We hope this mural is a message and reminder for the RNC coming to Cleveland next month. A reminder that we are not all apt to be so fearful of each other. That the ground we stand on was built to be a refuge. A reminder that divisiveness is a crack in the dam. When you shut them out, you shut yourselves in. Aggression and locked doors are what sow explosive seeds, and wars are always paid for with the blood of kids. This place was made to be a refuge. Our hollowed cities need people. Bring them here.
    Big thanks to my great assistant Nate Pelak, and Land Studios for letting us spread our wings.

    (photos by Brandon Shigeta)

  • Postcard for Antietam Detroit