Pat Perry

Thump Trunk Illustration

Here's an illustration I just finished for my wonderful friend Zach's new business in Nashville. We traded the illustration for one of his awesome boomboxes made from recycled old suitcases. He makes each one by hand and they are all different. Check out more on his website:



Other sketches and photos below.

So excited to have one of these now! We have been blaring the whole Beehive house with it. Thanks Zach!

2 response to "Thump Trunk Illustration":

  • Pat. Thanks again for the illustration. Still blows my mind the skills you have. Enjoy that Thump Trunk!

    Zachary Thump Trunk / November 14 2012, 4:42pm

  • Hi. I just came across this site on Stumbleupon and wanted to say thank you for the illustrations. The one for Thump Trunk especially. Your work evokes memories of the haunting artwork I came to adore as a child in John Bellairs’ books, particularly “The Eyes of the Killer Robot”. Beautiful stuff, dear. So glad I came across it.

    Amanda / November 16 2012, 4:25pm

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