Pat Perry

Sketchbook Shenanigans 9

I finished up my moleskine with these last few drawings that I drew while travelling in December. Here's them in their wrinkled and creased entirety. 

I guess this was my "white guys with glasses" page. 


So the Waffle House might be the norm to you Southerners, but us kids from up north really get a kick out of frequenting that place while we find ourselves down south.


Well that concludes that sketchbook. Time to turn the page, in a lot of ways I guess. 

3 response to "Sketchbook Shenanigans 9":

  • Sir I gotta say..
    I absolutely love your work…

    Your illustrations are so full of colour and life..
    Yet even these sketches are so gorgeous and simple…
    With very little colour it still has a finished look..

    I hope to gain such a confidencewhere i dont overdo the lines…

    Well yeh thought i’d tell ya as opposed to admiring from a distance.. haha
    Goodluck in the new year sir… X

    Jennifer / January 04 2012, 10:10am

  • Amazing, as usual…

    Martin / January 16 2012, 10:43pm

  • I love your work, your style, your line very very much…

    silvia / June 26 2012, 3:37pm

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