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Maine, and Why I’m Here.

So, Maine is a pretty magical state. I am here because I got called on to work with the Beehive Design Collective. The Beehive Collective is a volunteer-driven non-profit political organization that uses illustrations as educational tools to spread stories of resistance to corporate globalization. If you'd like to read more about them, here's the link

This is the rest of my 35mm film from the past few weeks.

Here's what we are working on currently. I am helping the bees finish up a drawing that is a huge poster depicting resistance to corporations threatening the cultural and ecological vitality of the Mesoamerica region. After the poster is finished, it will be toured, lectured, and distributed around the world in an effort to spread education on the issue. The photo above is of Kehben Grifter grinding in details in the studio last week. It's humbling to be surrounded by a talented team of artists.

Homebase for now. Below is the entrance to the magic studio through the library. 


Life is good here. I made a new friend, but he just sleeps on the couch a lot. Leave comments or questions, more art updates soon.

7 response to "Maine, and Why I'm Here.":

  • these look really good!

    amanda vanvels / September 18 2012, 3:48pm

  • Your work is always so incredible and inspiring. You’ve introduced me to so many great artists and you’re such a major influence in my work. Enjoy autumn in Maine!

    Claire Moreland / September 18 2012, 5:31pm

  • This place looks amazing. I’m not sure why, but i just really love the colors. They all compliment each other.

    Kenna / September 18 2012, 8:10pm

  • looks like an incredible place. just lovely. keep up the great work.

    heather em / September 18 2012, 10:30pm

  • hey if your ever through burlington, im workin a farm 15min down 89. if you need a place to crash let me know.

    nick / September 18 2012, 10:58pm

  • Im from CT and this makes me want to explore the beautiful state right above me. :D ALso wondering how you develop your film?

    Lydia Mackela / September 19 2012, 9:46pm

  • I love your artwork and the beehive collective’s work. You and them are a very important point of reference to my art work. I think its amazing that you are doing a collaborative work! I hope if I could join any way and make any kind of collaboration with you in the future. I sent you my flickr, hope you like it. tell me what you think.

    Diego Ayerbe / October 01 2012, 3:03pm

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