• Commissions for California Sunday Magazine

    ::Two pieces for an article about the LA Opera's new production that takes place at different locations and essentially happens in the street, in cars, and on the move. 

    art direction: Leo Jung

  • No Straits Pipeline

    pencil on paper, 2015

    Shut down line 5. 

  • Winner Takes All

    pen on paper, digital color, 2015

    Recent illustration for "Winner Takes All", an interview with NYU professor Scott Galloway, in which he explains why its a great time to be rich and a miserable time to be the rest of us. 

    (commissioned by Jelly London for Contagious Magazine) 

  • July 2015 Sketchbook

  • Where the Water Goes Around

    For six months, the Beehive Collective has been collecting stories from Detroiters, in preparation to turn those stories into a new, illustrated graphic about past lessons, present struggles, and timeless ideas that have come to a spearhead in what many call the cultural hearth of the US; Detroit, MI. In a city that has become a punchline, symbol, and poster child for the American social landscape, this is our announcement that the poster is in full swing during what feels to be a most vital moment to amplify unheard voices as they help us take a look at the story of where we've been, and where we are going. 

    Posters are available ((((here)))) in help to support the ongoing project.