• MONO double album

    Artwork for MONO's double album release of Rays of Darkness and The Last Dawn 

    Big thanks to art director Jeremy DeVine at Temporary Residence for lots of creative freedom, and for his patience in lieu of my travels. 

  • August 2014 sketchbook

  • Black Eden-Lake County

    Black Eden-Lake County, pen on paper, 2014

  • Imaging Apartheid

    pencil and digital, 14x17", 2014

    submission for Imaging Apartheid project

    "Imaging Apartheid is a Montreal-based initiative aimed at bringing awareness and support to the Palestinian struggle for liberation through the production and dissemination of poster art. Though this project’s focus is on the pressing issue of Israeli Apartheid, we also recognize the development of a global state of apartheid and aim to contribute to the dialogue of resistance against it."

  • Spring 2014 (pt.3)

    Photos and drawings made while traveling 4,000 mi. across the midwest, southwest, and northwest by motorcycle:

    but then ditching motorcycles to ride trains-

    but then buying an old pickup truck off craigslist then blowing it up in Idaho-

    but then rebuilding it completely-

    So there's that.