• Commission for Fearless Records

    ink and acrylic, compiled digitally 

    Mike Farrell at Fearless records hired me for another project recently. This is my favorite illustration out of the ones we worked on together.

  • Maine——->>>> New Orleans pt.2

    The last scans from rolls of film shot over the past month. I like the sky in the first and last, they are from Mississippi somewhere. 

  • 11-13 sketchbook

  • Maine——->>>> New Orleans pt.1

    I've been moving the past month in a roundabout frenzy from Maine through the Midwest and South to New Orleans. I'll be periodically posting some photos I shot over that time. Unequipped to make much artwork to speak of, I shot these film photos with the camera I always carry in my backpack. Here's the first few. 

  • down the river

    film scans from canoeing the Machias river in early October.


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